Pelvic floor massage

Pelvic floor massage tantra Occasionally you can hear about training pelvic floor muscles through pelvic floor exercises. An overactive pelvic floor, in which the pelvic floor muscles are unintentionally over-tightened, can be one of the reasons for doing such exercises. A pelvic floor massage is ideal for helping to relax the pelvic floor, even with pain.

Some examples of complaints that can occur with an overactive pelvic floor:

  • Pain during sex
  • Problems with urination (loss of urine, difficulty getting started, pressing, interrupted flow, low frequency, high frequency with small volume)
  • Problems with defecation (constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids)
  • Recurrent bladder infections
  • Low back pain or other hip complaints, possibly with emission
  • Pain in pelvic floor area, abdomen, back, anus, coccyx, groin

Overactivity is independent of gender and age. Besides women, it can also affect men and children. Young women and middle-aged women are most often confronted with a tense pelvic floor. When girls or women have a negative self-image, especially regarding the lower body, this can result in an overactive pelvic floor. Women who have had bad sexual experiences are also often confronted with overactivity of the pelvic floor muscles. It can also be a reaction to pain, for example in case of vaginal infection or complications after an operation. In addition, (long-term) psychological stress can also be a cause, but the cause of an overactive pelvic floor can also be unclear.

What is the difference with pelvic physiotherapy?
Pelvic floor therapy is based on massages, exercises, advice and intensive supervision. A pelvic floor treatment as part of an energetic or tantra massage focuses only on gentle but deep massaging of the tissues in the pelvic region, but with the extra aspect of energy, which can have very profound effects.

A lot of tension is often retained in the pelvic region. When massaging the hips, the groin, the area around the perineum, pelvic and pubic bone, a lot of that tension can be released. In this way, the energy can flow more freely again.
The pelvic floor massage can be given as a stand-alone massage, but is also the ideal preparation for the sexual healing process via lingam massage or yoni massage.

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